Dr.Vaidya Yogesh Vani

Vaidya Yogesh Vani started a dispensary in a village near Surat in the state of Gujarat after passing B.A.M.S. Started the hospital in the city after 5 years. After that he saw that he has to lie a lot. Some were not enjoying the service.Once I heard the lecture of Amar Shaheed Shri Rajivji Dixit, then I felt that if I want to give something to the society, then Ayurveda which is the fifth Veda should be given. Today, despite having many hospitals, not a single disease is getting cured. Doctor increased! Hospital increased! Revision increased! Even then our age should have been more, and diseases should have been less, that did not happen. Why so ? The doctor feels that I have to give medicine only, the patient feels that for me doctor and medicine are everything. But he amended, β€˜There is a lot more than medicine and doctors that nobody was paying attention to. Then he felt that diseases have to be eradicated, India’s Swetra Sukhin: To make Santu meaningful, then being a doctor, something has to be done for the society, and with this thought Laxmi Narayan Charitable Trust established Arogya Pracharak Sanstha, so that he can become an ideal doctor and Took results in incurable diseases.He joined big organizations like Lions Club, Rotary Club, Human Rights, Red Cross for awakening more and more people in the society and received many awards for this unique use of Arogya Jagriti and Rog Mukti Abhiyan through lectures across India.

Reason of Ideal Vaidya

Vaidya Yogesh Vani today, when even modern medicine has lost in incurable diseases, then for that, he launched a campaign to get rid of diseases through health lectures across India, in which 45 minutes lecture

Β Lifestyle
β€’ Nature Kitchen
β€’ Ayurveda
β€’ Thinking By coordinating all these, many patients have been cured.